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clean. fresh. healthy. fabrics for your family.

All the advantages of a traditional dryer sheet,
with none of the chemicals.

The perfume, dye and chemical free way to keep your fabrics soft, natural and free of static.



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We want to give back more this year with your help...

Now when you place an order on our website you will have the
option to donate $1 to one of our favorite charities.

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Try our linen waters for a fresh, natural scent in your dryer!

Linen waters are great for spraying onto bed linens, towels, furniture and clothing to give you that fresh, crispy clean feeling. They can also be applied to fabrics just before ironing - the application of the hot iron helps to infuse the scent into the fabric ensuring that the aroma will be enjoyed for an extended period of time. Linen waters are also great as a deodorizing room spray to give a pleasing scent to rooms without being too overpowering. Go "Buy Online" to check it out.